Swedish Society for Emergency Medicine

Welcome to the homepage for the Swedish Society of Emergency Medicine (SWESEM)!


SWESEM represents Emergency Medicine in the Swedish Society of Medicine and the Swedish Medical Association.


The society was formed initially in Uppsala 1999, at the time as a subsection within the Swedish Society of Internal Medicine. In 2002 the present form of SWESEM was established as planned, representing Emergency Medicine and it's physicians solely. Since 2005 SWESEM is a part of the European Society of Emergency Medicine and since 2006 also of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine.


SWESEM presently has approximately 250 members and we hold a national meeting each year in March (www.sweets.nu). The board of SWESEM consists of twelve members who are elected at our national meeting.


When the Society was formed in 1999, Emergency Medicine was not a recognized specialty and there where no Emergency Physicians in Sweden. In 2006, after more than half a decade of putting forward arguments and clinical examples of physicians working full time in ED's, the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare where willing to acknowledge EM as a supraspecialty. SWESEM has always had the goal of a independent specialty as is common internationally and since 2012, Emergency medicine is an independent specialty recognized by the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare.