Presentation Masterclass CPH

Datum: 12 jan, 2018






Do you struggle to develop presentations?

Do you start preparing a talk by opening up powerpoint or keynote?

Do you regularly kill your audience with text and bullet points?

Do you read from your slides?

Are you unsure how you come across on stage?


In case you answered yes to any of the above this course is for you!

We’ve all experienced how painfully boring and inefficient medical talks can be. How often do you leave departmental teaching session or a conference talk and feel genuinely the wiser or more inspired? Not the majority, right? Try to imagine the immense amount of hours going into preparing these presentations by noted researchers and clinicians and the time spend by audiences at these talks. It’s mind boggling that we allow ourselves to waste so much effort with so little gain. Presentation skills haven’t received more emphasis in medical training when it’s what most of us find we do so badly so often.

Well, no more.