Polar Medicine Course

Datum: 15-25 sep, 2017


This 4-day course is an introductory curriculum to wilderness first aid specific to an Arctic environment and an overview on the health effects from a changing climate. It is designed for all those who work in remote and austere Arctic settings, and designed for both those entering a health-care profession, as well as those in field research, policy work, or any other Arctic travel to remote settings.

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine are recognized world leaders in remote and austere medical education.  We have been charged with medical care for American science researchers at both poles and have worked throughout the world, including the Mt. Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic.  As members of UArctic, we are excited to bring our expertise to share with fellow members—researchers, students, and university members looking to keep their people healthy and thriving in this remote environment.

Our curriculum focuses on both practical skillsets as well as larger health threats to Arctic peoples.  First, we will introduce students to the approach to an injured or sick colleague in a remote Arctic environment.  Participants will receive a certification from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  We will also cover field work preparation, risk mitigation, and the appropriate medical equipment for the layperson.

Second, students will examine climate change from a public health and clinical health perspective.  Students will learn about climate effects on health, including extreme weather events, altered and degraded ecosystems, and threats to human security and welfare. Discussions on mitigation and adaptation strategies, including disease surveillance, communications, and greening health care, as well as a primer on the core concepts of climate change science will be presented.

Our Sweden course will include Advanced Wilderness Life SupportTM certification with a commensurate 20+ hours of CME credits from the Wilderness Medical Society.  We offer this additional certification as a way to provide CME for North American health care providers to incentivize trans-continental travel.